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Glacier animation

Helen Amanda Fricker
Dear Cryolist,

Geir Moholdt found a great interactive animation of a glacier which was apparently produced as an outreach tool during the IPY; it can be downloaded from the following website:  (Windows or Mac version).

Does anyone know the glaciologist(s) who were involved in its design, and who were the artist(s) and/or programmer(s) responsible for its creation?  Does anyone have an English version?  This would be a great tool for many of us for education and outreach -- it works well on websites and could be used undergrad teaching, and even in K-12 presentations.

Thanks - Helen

Dr Helen Amanda Fricker
Associate Professor
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
La Jolla, California, USA
Tel: 858-534-6145 (w)
      619-993-3569 (cell)

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