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Glacier mapping round robin

Frank Paul

Dear colleagues

Please apologize for cross-posting!

We would like to invite you to participate in our glacier mapping round robin experiment that has been set up in the framework of the ESA project Glaciers_cci. Some of you might remember earlier round robins on that purpose (GLACE) that helped to establish general guidelines for glacier mapping from remote sensing data. This time we have a slightly different focus, accuracy assessment and algorithm comparison tested in four regions in Alaska, the Alps and the western Himalaya. If you are interested to participate, please check the following webpage for further details

and send an email to [hidden email] (subject: round robin). You will in turn receive a user-ID and password to access the detailed instructions, all data sets, and a feedback form from the database at Please choose here “Round Robin Experiments” from the left menu. As a small acknowledgement of your efforts, we offer you co-authorship on a joint publication presenting the results of the round robin. If you have any questions please let me ([hidden email]) or Tobias know.

With many thanks for your interest and best regards, Frank and Tobias

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