Glaciers and Landslides @ 2018 WEGENER Assembly, 10-13th September, Grenoble, France

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Glaciers and Landslides @ 2018 WEGENER Assembly, 10-13th September, Grenoble, France

Etienne Berthier

Dear colleagues,

This is the first announcement for the 2018 Wegener General Assembly on Earth Deformation and the study of earthquakes to take place in Grenoble, France, 10-13th September, 2018. Please save the date.

We particularly draw your attention on the session "Multi-timescale Glacier and Landslide Processes" (described below). Abstract submission deadline: 15 June 2018

You will find details of the proposed sessions, relevant dates, and conference events in the attached flyer and on the conference website at

We look forward to welcoming you in Grenoble,
B. Bookhagen, P. Lacroix and E. Berthier, Chair of session 6

(Apologies for the multiple posting)

Sessions > 6. Multi-timescale glacier and landslide processes

Deformation and kinematic of glaciers, landslides, and rock glaciers vary over multiple time scales responding to internal and external forcing factors. Five decades of remote-sensing data and recent satellite launches with short temporal and high spatial resolution enable unprecedented detailed studies of transport and deformation processes over extensive areas. Continuous monitoring and decadal trend analysis allow a more refined understanding and impact of forcing factors such as earthquakes, climate change, and infrastructural development.

In this session we particularly encourage presentations related to: (i) deformation of glaciers and landslides from sub-seasonal to decadal time scales; (ii) precursory patterns of gravitational failures from space; (iii) volume change and mass balances of glaciers; (iv) calibration/validation of mechanical models of glaciers/landslides from geodetic measurements; (v) localized and bulk deformation; (vi) glacier-landslide interactions, including impact of debris on glacier melt processes and impact of glacier retreat on slope stabilities.

This session wish also to address the specificities of monitoring from space and in the field small and rapidly changing objects such as landslide and glaciers, compared to active faults.

Etienne Berthier			
14 av. Edouard Belin 31400 Toulouse		+33 5 61 33 47 15 

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