Glaciology meets planetary science: AGU reminder!

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Glaciology meets planetary science: AGU reminder!

Walker, Catherine C (329C-Affiliate)
Amidst the blaze of AGU announcements, we’d like to remind you about our ice-ocean session in the Planetary section:
"From the Earth to the Moons: Ice-ocean systems on Earth and Ocean Worlds" (P014)

We’re excited to hear about ice-ocean interactions on any planet you choose, Earth included! If you’re looking for an interdisciplinary session to which to submit, here it is. We had invaluable cross-disciplinary discussions last year, and look forward to building up Ocean Worlds collaborations again in New Orleans!

We're looking for a wide range of terrestrial glaciology/oceanography and planetary research to foster the Earth-planetary connection, specifically focusing on the geological, glaciological and oceanographic aspects of Ocean Worlds and their analogues. Bringing together Earth and planetary studies to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and broaden understanding is the aim of this session! We welcome contributions regarding sea ice; glaciers and ice shelves; icy satellites and small bodies; analog studies; field work, in-situ/remotely-sensed observations; experimental and/or modeling projects on ice/ice-water regimes; impact of melt beneath or within ice; coupled ice-ocean physical and circulation models; and beyond!

We look forward to seeing you and your research in New Orleans!

- Catherine Walker (JPL), Britney Schmidt (Georgia Tech), Kelly Brunt (NASA-GSFC), and Justin Burton (Emory)

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