Goldschmidt 2013 session on ice cores

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Goldschmidt 2013 session on ice cores

Sarah Aciego
Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the call is now open for a session at
the Goldschmidt international conference
( this coming
summer (August 25-30) in Florence, Italy on the paleo-climate records
of ice cores (14e, Linking Ice Core Records of the Recent Past to
Global Climate). We aim at presenting a vibrant and diverse set of
research presentations to the geochemical community and urge you to
both attend the Goldschmidt meeting and submit to our session! Please
note that the abstract deadline is 12th April.

The description of session 14e is below,

all the best,
Sarah Aciego and Paolo Gabrielli

Ice cores, and correlated sediment records from the ice sheet margins,
have provided a wealth of information on climate change. High and
mid-latitude ice core records from recently cored locations, such as
WAIS, NEEM and the Himalaya, and novel geochemical techniques should
provide an unprecedented temporal view of climate change over the last
200 ka. We invite contributions that: span time scales of climate
change, from glacial-interglacial to Holocene; investigate linkages
between ice sheets and ocean, or ice caps and regional climate
dynamics; and provide new glacio-chemical proxies for climate change
or constraints on existing proxies.


Sarah M. Aciego

Assistant Professor

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

University of Michigan

C.C. Little Building

1100 N. University Ave.

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1005
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