Graduate Student positions in lake-ice modelling

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Graduate Student positions in lake-ice modelling

Andrea Scott

Graduate Student Positions in Lake-Ice Modelling

University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Applicants are sought for three graduate student positions at the Masters or

PhD level in coupled hydrodynamic lake-ice modelling in the departments of

Applied Mathematics or Systems Design Engineering at the University of


Students will conduct high resolution simulations of lake ice dynamics in large

lakes using three-dimensional coupled hydrodynamic-ice models to explore

small scale processes. The project includes model inter-comparisons and

validation with observational data, which will lead to the development of

improved ice models. Other aspects of the project include exploring frazil ice


This project is funded by Global Water Futures (

futures/). The project will include interaction with participants of other

GWF funded projects, in particular with the multi-disciplinary project Lake


Interested students should have a background in fluid mechanics or ice

modelling, strong mathematical and computational/programming skills and an

interest in small scale processes associated with ice dynamics in large lakes.

They should also have an interest in multi-disciplinary research. Experience with

high-performance computing is an asset. The Department of Applied

Mathematics has a very active Environmental and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

group (

environmental-and-geophysical-fluid-dynamics-group). In addition, the

University of Waterloo has a Water Institute and interested students will have the

option of participating in the institute’s Collaborative Water Program (https://

For more information contact Kevin Lamb ([hidden email], https://, Andrea Scott

([hidden email],

people-profiles/andrea-scott) or Marek Stastna ([hidden email],

Kind Regards,

Andrea Scott
Assistant Professor
Department of Systems Design Engineering
University of Waterloo, EC4 2037
Waterloo, Canada
(519) 888-4567 ext 32811

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