Graduate and postdoc opportunities: biogeochemistry of bloom-affected lakes

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Graduate and postdoc opportunities: biogeochemistry of bloom-affected lakes

Dumanski, Stacey

Hello all,


The Global Water Futures FORMBLOOM (Forecasting Tools and Mitigation Options for Diverse Bloom-Affected Lakes) project seeks up to 3 graduate students (Masters and/or PhD) and one postdoctoral fellow to research the drivers of freshwater cyanobacterial blooms and develop tools for bloom mitigation.


Job posting:


Students will require good quantitative capabilities and possess strong verbal and writing skills. A background in limnology, hydrology, genomics or geochemistry is welcomed. For field-oriented programs, students with a hearty appetite for boat-based field work and experience with sensor-based instrumentation are particularly welcomed. The successful postdoctoral fellow must have a strong background in data analysis

using R, excellent data management skills, and a background in limnology, ideally in bloom ecology.


For more information on the FORMBLOOM project, please visit


Please share with your colleagues!

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