Graduate opportunities in PermafrostNet (Canada)

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Graduate opportunities in PermafrostNet (Canada)

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PermafrostNet, the new Permafrost Partnership Network for Canada, has a large number of graduate opportunities coming up, many for Fall 2019. These are, or will soon be, posted on <>. The five-year network has an outstanding training environment, is led by Carleton University in Ottawa and it involves 12 Canadian universities and more than 40 partnering organizations from Canadian government as well as  industry, indigenous communities and international partners.

The current list includes (and is still growing):
• PhD in process-based numerical modelling of permafrost systems
• PhD in quantifying the ice and water content of permafrost with dielectric methods
• PhD in interpreting ground temperature and subsidence for improved quantification of permafrost change
• PhD in permafrost change simulation and quantification of confidence in resulting data products
• PhD in thaw pond initiation and evolution pathways
• PhD in permafrost and ground ice conditions in the Hudson Bay Lowlands
• MSc in thaw-related landscape change in Weenusk Traditional Territory
• MSc in land use planning and mass-wasting hazards near Fort Sever


Stephan Gruber ([hidden email])
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Climate Change Impacts/Adaptation in Northern Canada

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