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Happy New Year!

Matt Nolan
Happy New Year Cryolist!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable and productive
year and is looking forward to another one in 2012.  We had a good year in
the Alaskan Arctic.  I've posted most of my 2011 photography online and you
can find it at  www.drmattnolan.org/photography/2011_index.htm .  The
vertical aerial photography is mostly of Alaskan arctic rivers, including
the Jago, Hulahula, Kobuk and Noatak Rivers, at fairly high resolution
(usually 25cm or better) and covering features such as slumps and pingos in
places, and is suitable for topographic map making. There is also a bit of
coastal sea ice from Kaktovik to Deadhorse. Hopefully it's all
self-explanatory in terms of finding things.  Large thumbnails are available
online, but there was too much for me to upload in full resolution, so if
you want anything just send me a hard drive and some return postage.

One thing I'd like to learn more about in 2012 is how the scientific method
of figuring things out differs from the alternatives.  If anyone can pass on
any good references (papers, books, films, etc) on 'the scientific method',
and in particular any analyses of applying the scientific method to the
scientific method itself, in the sense of showing that this method is better
than the alternatives.  Things written in an accessbile way, that would help
someone understand the way academic scientists do things in the way that
they do and not some other way, or things written to help academic
scientists understand the ways others work.  Here's one that I really like
undsci.berkeley.edu/index.php .  I'm also interested in any studies on how
chasing funding shapes what actually gets studied.  I'm happy to compile
links or references sent to me and redistribute them to the list in a few


Matt Nolan
Research Associate Professor
University of Alaska Fairbanks
525 Duckering Bldg
Fairbanks, AK 99775
907 455 6288

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