Help us understand IPY education, outreach and communication efforts!

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Help us understand IPY education, outreach and communication efforts!

IPY Outreach
Please pass this on to all those who may be interested.  I apologize in advance for any cross postings as we try to get the word out far and wide.

The International Polar Year 2007-2009 (IPY) has now come to a close. At the start of the IPY, education, outreach and communication (EOC) activities were recognized as important components to the overall success of the biggest IPY to date.  Numerous activities took place during the IPY, starting in 2007 until the official close of the IPY in 2010, on all 7 continents. Now that we have wrapped up the IPY, the IPY EOC Assessment Committee, of which ICSU, APECS, SCAR and IASC, are a part, is trying to inventory and asses the many EOC activities and events, and we need your help.

To date we have information on over 350 activities, some endorsed by IPY and many that were simply IPY inspired, but we know that many more took place.  If you did any polar EOC during the latest IPY you can help us to make sure all the great EOC efforts during the IPY are recognized by filling in our short survey.  We want to hear from scientists, educators, students and communication officers.  If you did polar EOC, we want to know.

As we leave the latest IPY where EOC played such an important role and undertake this global inventory it is important that we can record as many IPY EOC projects as possible.  The EOC experiences during the latest IPY are not only important in understanding the impacts of science EOC, but will help shape and inform how science EOC is done in the future as large international science organizations look to IPY EOC for lessons learned.

The survey will
only take 10 minutes of your time, and it will make sure that your IPY EOC efforts get counted in our international report.

You can view the complete survey here before hand in order to review the information that will be asked for.

Take me to the survey!

Jennifer Provencher
IPY Education, Outreach and Communication Assessment Project Coordinator
APECS (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists)

Please visit the project website at

To fill in our IPY Education and Outreach survey visit our survey page

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