High Asia’s Cryosphere Session (Fall 2019 AGU Meeting)

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High Asia’s Cryosphere Session (Fall 2019 AGU Meeting)

Umesh Haritashya-2

Apologies for cross-posting. 


Dear Colleagues,


We want to draw your attention to High Asia’s Cryosphere session and encourage you to submit an abstract at the Fall AGU annual meeting in San Francisco from 9-13 December 2019.Please consider submitting an abstract before 31 July 2019 23:59 EDT/03:59 +1 GMT. For more details, please visit AGU. Click here for a direct link to submit abstract to our session. A short description of the session is provided herewith for your information:   


Session Title: “High Mountain Asia’s Cryosphere: Collaborative research to address climate, hydrology, geodynamics and hazards”. 


The scope of this session is broad and we welcome all aspects of research across High Mountain Asia. We especially welcome research highlighting the collaborative nature of the research required to tackle complex scientific questions in the region. We have two invited presentations lined-up for this session:


Summer Rupper, University of Utah

Tobias Bolch, University of St. Andrews


Session Description:

High-mountain catchments play an important water supplying role and are sensitive to climate change. Yet the monitoring and modeling of such regions remains a challenge, due to poor accessibility, limited data availability and the lack of numerical models that address key cryospheric and hydrological processes in sufficient physical detail. This session brings together studies that focus on integrating observations, remote sensing and numerical models with the aim to understand present and future glacio-, hydro- and meteorological processes in mountainous regions. It focuses on advances in understanding high-altitude meteorology, feedbacks between the cryosphere and atmosphere, glacier and snow dynamics, climate change impacts and the associated hydrological response. The session welcomes in particular studies that: i) link results from atmospheric modeling to the high-altitude water cycle, (ii) advance the process understanding of glaciers, snow and the hydrological cycle, (iii) quantify hydro-meteorological extremes, and (iv) assess impacts of climate change using process-based modeling.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.


Please pass this information to all interested colleagues.


Best regards.

Umesh Haritashya, Sarah Kapnick, Kimberly Casey, and Jeff Kargel

Umesh K. Haritashya, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Environmental Geology
Dept. of Geology, University of Dayton
300 College Park, Dayton, OH 45469-2364
Phone: 937-229-2939; Fax: 937-229-2889

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