Hydromythology session at EGU2019

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Hydromythology session at EGU2019

Kristian Förster
Dear Cryolisters,

In 2018 we initiated a session on „Hydromythology - what do we know and what do be just believe?“ at the EGU General Assembly. It was a really nice event with a lot of insightful presentations which even engaged the participants to continue their discussions in the coffee break afterwards :-)

Still there are a lot of open questions and (hydro-)mythologies to be discussed which is why we cordially invite you to participate in our PICO session at the EGU General Assembly 2019!

Hydro(mythology) and the role of misconception: what do we know & what do we just believe? (co-organized) PICO session

The PICO session aims at the following points but is not limited to:
(I) Studies challenging well-accepted theories with data
(II) Modelling studies including a critical assessment of calibration vs. evidence
(III) Studies showing how added empirical evidence changed the process understanding and helped to revise model structures & parameterisations
(IV) Studies addressing scaling of processes in models

The full description is available here:

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Best regards,
Kristian Förster

(on behalf of the session's convener team)

Kristian Förster
Juniorprofessor für Urbane Hydrologie

Institut für Hydrologie und Wasserwirtschaft
Leibniz Universität Hannover
Appelstr. 9A, D-30167 Hannover
Tel.: +49 511 762-2498 / Fax: 3731
Mail: [hidden email]

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