IACS working group proposal / "Quantitative snow stratigraphy" (meeting at EGU)

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IACS working group proposal / "Quantitative snow stratigraphy" (meeting at EGU)

Samuel Morin
Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite those of you attending the upcoming EGU
conference to the side meeting of session CR1.90 "Modeling, measurements
and applications of snow stratigraphy and microstructure" which will be
held on *Wed 25 Apr 13:30–14:15 in Room 37*.

The meeting and the session are intended to gather people from a wide
range of cryospheric disciplines and launch discussions and activities
related to a proposal of an IACS working group (International
Association for  Cryospheric Sciences,
http://www.cryosphericsciences.org/) aiming at fostering discussions
about objective characterization of the physical properties of snow,
referred to as "quantitative snow stratigraphy".

We particularly invite motivated colleagues who are interested in
pushing necessary developments in this field by contributing with ideas
and activities in an IACS Working Group.

If you don't plan to attend EGU but are interested in this activity,
please email off-list [hidden email] and [hidden email] .

With best regards,

Samuel Morin, Météo-France/CNRS, Grenoble, France
Henning Löwe, WSL/SLF, Davos, Switzerland
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