IARPC Sea Ice Webinar on 11/28, 1pm EST

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IARPC Sea Ice Webinar on 11/28, 1pm EST

Webster, Melinda A. (GSFC-6150)

Dear Colleagues,


Do you have a hot topic that you’ve been wanting to discuss with other members of the sea ice community? The Sea Ice Collaboration Team from the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) is seeking ideas to structure in-depth, discussion-based webinars around. During the November Sea Ice Collaboration Team meeting (Tuesday, 11/28 at 1pm ET/6pm UTC), we invite you to bring your ideas forward for consideration as a possible topic for a discussion-focused webinar. If your topic is chosen, the Sea Ice Collaboration Team Leaders will work with you to develop the webinar in a way that would help the community achieve more clarity, gather information, compare strategies, and collaborate on the topic. 


There will be time set aside at the upcoming November meeting for topic ideas to be shared following a presentation by new team lead Janet Intrieri (NOAA) titled, "Understanding Coupled Processes in the Marginal Ice Zone for Improved Sea Ice Forecasting."


Time: 1pm EST/6pm UTC

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 28

Webinar link: https://www.iarpccollaborations.org/events/8938


Thank you and looking forward,

Olivia Lee, Janet Intrieri, Jackie Richter-Menge & Melinda Webster 

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