ICE 173-4 is now online – additional material

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ICE 173-4 is now online – additional material

Magnus Magnusson

Dear Cryolist members


We received some late additions to ICE which we thought should be included in this double issue. These were reports from the pre- and post-symposium excursions (pages 21-24) that took place around the Wellington symposium this past February. The trips were very successful and enjoyed by all that took part. We are certain you will enjoy reading about it.


We also took the opportunity to make some corrections that were pointed out to us.


So please download the updated version from our website, I am certain you will enjoy reading about the two trips. Of course they are accompanied by some delightful photos.


All the best




Magnús Már Magnússon

Secretary General

International Glaciological Society

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United Kingdom

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