IGS Global Seminar Series #21, Eric Rignot, UC Irvine and JPL

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IGS Global Seminar Series #21, Eric Rignot, UC Irvine and JPL

Murray T.

International Glaciological Society Global Seminar #21

Wednesday Sept 23rd

Eric Rignot, UC Irvine and JPL, USA

Keep on Rockin' at the grounding line


Volunteers wanted for slots mid-December and late-January onwards – drop me an email!


You need to register in advance for the seminars, but your registration should last for several seminars. If it was a while ago that you registered - check your link still works and drop me an email if it doesn't. There's a short question to answer - please tell me enough to accept you! I'll be doing that manually, so just be kind and make it obvious (even if I met you once at AGU)… (something like: I'm a PhD student with X... or whatever). Using your official university email address would make my life particularly easy!


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the seminar. If you attended this week you use the same link next week and don't need to re-register.

• Sept 30th William Harcourt, University of St. Andrews, “New opportunities for glacier mapping using millimetre-wave radar”; Michalea King, Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, " Nonuniform response of Greenland Outlet glaciers to seasonal meltwater working "; Lauren Vargo, University of Wellington, " Anthropogenic warning forces extreme annual glacier mass loss"
• Oct 7th Fiamma Straneo, Scripps, UCSD, U.S.A., "Ahoy Captain is that a glacier up ahead? Lessons learned from working at Greenland's marine margins"
• Oct 14th Ellyn Enderlin, Boise State University, USA, "Exploring controls on glacier dynamics: What remotely-sensed iceberg calving, submarine melting, and frontal ablation datasets tell us about ocean forcing"
• Oct 21st Richard Alley, Penn State University, USA, "Here be dragons… exploring the long tail of sea-level rise"

• Oct 28th, Isabella Velicogna, UC Irvine, "Ice sheet mass balance, sea level and equity, diversity and inclusion in science"

• Nov 4th Reserved for 3 x ECR talks

• Nov 11th Steve Warren, University of Washington, "Snow spikes in the dry Andes; maybe not on Europa"

• Nov 18th Martyn Tranter and Alex Anesio, Aarhus University, Liane G. Benning, GFZ Potsdam, "Biological Darkening of the Greenland Ice Sheet"

• Nov 25th Daniel Shapero, University of Washington, title to be confirmed but this will be a practical session!

• Dec 2nd Shin Sugiyama, Hokkaido University, Japan, "Freshwater calving glaciers in Patagonia"

• Jan 13th Lauren Simkins, University of Virginia, "Landform evidence of persistent subglacial plumbing near grounding lines"

• Jan 20th Adrian Luckman, Swansea University, title tba.

• Feb 3rd Reserved for 3 ECR talks
• March 24th Dustin Schroeder, Stanford, "Paths Forward in Radioglaciology"

Seminar times:

London - 9pm
Europe - 10pm
East Coast US - 4pm
West Coast US - 1pm
Delhi (+1) - 1.30am (sorry!)
Tokyo (+1) - 5am
Australia (+1) - 6am
New Zealand (+1) - 8am


The seminar will also be recorded and posted to the Friends of the International Glaciological Society Facebook page after the seminar so that you can watch it afterwards if technology fails or you can't make it! Hope to see you there!



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