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IGS New Editorial Board Announcement

Magnus Magnusson



27 July 2016


Dear Cryolist members


The International Glaciological Society would like to draw to your attention a significant change in its Editorial Board. Growth in submissions to the Journal of Glaciology, and the recent switch from in-house publishing to gold open-access publishing by Cambridge University Press, have made it essential to develop a more flexible editorial system. The most notable enhancement to add flexibility is the appointment of 4 new Associate Chief Editors and a ‘managing’ Chief Editor.  By spreading Chief Editor responsibilities across 5 diversely enabled individuals who have a wide range of experience, scientific expertise and viewpoints, the IGS expects to better serve authors and readers of our Journals.


Jo Jacka, Chief Editor of the Society and of the Journal of Glaciology since 2003, is retiring at the end of the transition to the new Chief Editorial board. The IGS cannot say enough to thank Jo for his service to both the IGS and to the scientific community at large. Under his leadership beginning with Journal of Glaciology issue No. 165, to the present (currently Issue No. 230), the Journal has grown in stature and magnitude.  The first full volume of Jo’s tenure saw 619 pages published in the Journal in a single year.  The volume (V. 61) just completed in 2015 reflects 1207 pages published in a single year — a factor of 2 change!


His place has been taken by Graham Cogley, who has assumed responsibility for oversight of the Editorial Board as a whole and for technical and policy interactions with Cambridge University Press. He is also one of a team of five Associate Chief Editors: Perry Bartelt, Graham Cogley, Sérgio Faria, Hester Jiskoot and Frank Pattyn. The Chief Editor assigns each manuscript submitted to the Journal of Glaciology to one of the Associate Chief Editors, who assigns a Scientific Editor to handle the peer-review process and make a recommendation to accept or reject the manuscript. The final decision is made by the Associate Chief Editor. The Associate Chief Editors are themselves Scientific Editors, such that with three other new members the enlarged team of Scientific Editors, listed below, now numbers 19. The Society intends to recruit more Scientific Editors in the near future.


Each thematic issue of the Annals of Glaciology will now be handled by a colleague with the title of Associate Chief Editor and, as in the past, by a team of Scientific Editors specially recruited for the issue. Helen Fricker is Associate Chief Editor of the current issue, number 74, on the theme Interactions of Glaciers and Ice Sheets with the Ocean.


The new Associate Chief Editors are introducing themselves to the cryospheric community in a series of blogs on the Cambridge University Press web site:




(Look also for the blogs of the other incoming ACE’s on the same website.)


Briefly, Perry Bartelt is a snow and avalanche scientist, emphasizing both theoretical and field-based aspects. Graham Cogley is a physical geographer with interests in global glaciology. Sérgio Faria is a mathematical physicist who works on ice-core analysis, sea ice and icebergs, and the properties and dynamics of complex cryospheric systems in general. Hester Jiskoot studies glaciers in general and her work has a particular emphasis on the phenomenon of surging. Frank Pattyn is an ice-sheet glaciologist who has published widely on dynamics, mass balance and other aspects of the ice sheets.


The International Glaciological Society takes this opportunity to thank Ed Adams, Manfred Lange, WeiLi Wang and John Woodward, who are completing their terms as Scientific Editors, for their work in advancing the science of glaciology. At the same time it welcomes Nicolas Eckert, Hamish Pritchard and Joe Shea as new Scientific Editors. The members of the current Editorial Board are


Perry Bartelt, Switzerland (ACE)

Graham Cogley, Canada (ACE)

Nicolas Eckert, France

Sérgio Faria, Spain (ACE)

Helen Fricker, USA

Cathleen Geiger, USA

Neil Glasser, UK

John Glen, UK

Ralf Greve, Japan

Hester Jiskoot, Canada (ACE)

Stephen Jones, Canada

Bernd Kulessa, UK

Thomas Mölg, Germany

Frank Pattyn, Belgium (ACE)

Hamish Pritchard, UK

Ted Scambos, USA

David Rippin, UK

Joe Shea, Nepal

Martyn Tranter, UK


For further information or questions regarding the changes outlined above do please contact the IGS office at [hidden email] .


Magnus Magnusson

Secretary General

International Glaciological Society

Scott Polar Research Institute

Lensfield Road



United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1223 355 974

Fax: +44 (0)1223 354 931

E-Mail: [hidden email]

Web: http://www.igsoc.org/



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