IGS Sea Ice Symposium session on Snow on Sea Ice

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IGS Sea Ice Symposium session on Snow on Sea Ice

Dear Colleagues, we invite you to submit an abstract for the IGS Sea Ice Symposium on Sea Ice at the Interface special session on Snow on Sea Ice: Observations and Modeling. Abstracts are due on the equinox, March 20, 2019 https://www.igsoc.org/symposia/2019/winnipeg/. Further details of the session are below.

Snow on sea ice is a critical parameter for many studies, ranging from sea ice biology, to radar altimetry, to global climatology. Snow properties such as thickness, density, grain size, salinity and temperature vary both spatially and temporally. For macro- to hemispheric-scale studies, estimates of these properties are being pursued via remote sensing and modelling techniques. While for micro- to macro-scale studies, in situ measurements provide the highest-quality data; and provide validation for remote sensing and modelling studies. A variety of remote sensing techniques are being investigated, employing one or more sensors; some incorporating ancillary data. Modelling studies vary in level of complexity, with some integrating remote sensing data. In this session we aim to explore the efficacies and uncertainties inherent in observed and modelled snow property estimates. This session invites abstracts addressing the following questions: 1) which remote sensing and/or modelling techniques provide robust estimates of snow properties on sea ice? 2) what are the biases, uncertainties and limitations associated with remotely-sensed or modelled estimates? and 3) what is the long-term variability in snow cover properties and how will this change in the future? We invite studies based on airborne and satellite retrievals, in situ data, modeling and/or combinations.

Regards, Julienne Stroeve, Torsten Geldsetzer, John Yackel, Vishnu Nandan,  Edward Blanchard-Wrigglesworth

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