INQUA 2011 – glacial session

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INQUA 2011 – glacial session

Urs H. Fischer
Dear colleagues,

Reminder: session on glacial overdeepening at the INQUA Congress, 20-27 July 2011 in Bern, Switzerland.

Keynote speaker: Dr. David Lundbek Egholm, Aarhus University "Simulating the formation of overdeepenings in coupled ice, water, and sediment models"

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 30 November 2010.

Session: (# 66) Glacial overdeepening: processes, forms and significance

Glacially-overdeepened valleys and basins are common features beneath contemporary ice masses and in formerly glaciated mountain belts, their forelands and other formerly glaciated lowland areas. These overdeepenings and their sediments are of large practical and scientific interest, influencing the dynamics and hydrology of ice masses, presenting opportunities for glacial and climate reconstruction, and raising management issues related to aggregate, groundwater and hydrocarbon resources and radioactive waste disposal in deep geological repositories. We solicit a broad range of submissions that include theoretical, numerical, experimental and field studies that advance our understanding of the age, formation, morphology and infilling of overdeepened valleys and basins, as well as their significance for glacial systems and the management and economical and societal importance of formerly glaciated landscapes.

Conveners: Urs H. Fischer, Mads Huuse, Kelly MacGregor, Darrel A. Swift

Dr. Urs H. Fischer
Project Manager Safety Analyses
Hardstrasse 73
CH-5430 Wettingen
Tel: +41 56 437 12 83
Email: [hidden email]

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