INQUA Dublin Quaternary glaciations: Processes, Sediments and Landforms

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INQUA Dublin Quaternary glaciations: Processes, Sediments and Landforms

Lorna Linch

INQUA Dublin 2019 abstract submission is now open!


Please consider submitting an abstract to our session “Quaternary glaciations: Processes, Sediments and Landforms”


Cold region sediments and landforms provide important information about the dynamics, distribution and dimensions of ice sheets and glaciers. Some of these sediment-landform associations are known only from the palaeo-record: for example from drained lake floors, continental shelves, or from the former beds of large mid-latitude ice sheets. This record can be used to understand palaeo-ice-mass dynamics, reconstruct climate, and refine our understanding of the future response of ice sheets and glaciers to variations in climate. The aim of this session is to bring together researchers working on cold region sediments and/or landforms, with a view to reconstructing Quaternary glaciations. We invite contributions from those investigating both onshore and offshore cold region landforms/sediments at all scales (macro-, meso-, micro-), and from all parts of the world. Studies adopting a multi-disciplinary approach (e.g. field, laboratory, remote sensing, GIS and modelling techniques) are particularly welcome.


We look forward to seeing you there!


Best wishes from the convenors:

Lorna Linch (University of Brighton)

Danni Pearce (University of Hertfordshire)

Jan Piotrowski (Aarhus University)

Dave Evans (Durham University)




Dr Lorna Linch

Principal Lecturer in Earth Science

University of Brighton

School of Environment and Technology

Lewes Road

Brighton BN2 4GJ


Email: [hidden email]


Twitter: @LornaLinch


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