INQUA abstract call: ice sheet and glacier change

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INQUA abstract call: ice sheet and glacier change


Please consider submitting an abstract to our session at INQUA next July on integrating different kinds of data to understand ice sheet and glacier change.  Deadline: 9th January 2019.


INQUA Commission: Coastal and Marine Processes

Session Title: Integrating instrumental data, geological data and modelling to better constrain high latitude ice sheet and glacier change

Convenors and Co-Convenors: Martin Brader (Convenor) Pippa Whitehouse (Co-Convenor) Sarah Woodroffe (Co-Convenor) David Small (Co-Convenor)


Understanding the evolution of high-latitude ice sheets and glaciers, and producing predictions of future change, requires a longer-term perspective than can be provided by geodetic data alone. This session aims to improve our understanding of how and why high-latitude glaciers and ice sheets change, with a focus on the use of innovative methods and new data to reconstruct past glacier and ice sheet histories over decadal to millennial timescales. This multi-disciplinary session seeks contributions from across the palaeo-environmental (including sea level), geological, instrumental, ice sheet and glacio-isostatic adjustment modelling communities. Contributions that integrate instrumental, geological and modelling techniques are particularly encouraged. In general, we welcome studies that focus on combining onshore and offshore records, different types of proxy data, a range of geodetic techniques, and/or innovative modelling approaches to enhance our understanding of past glacier and ice sheet evolution, and therefore better predict future changes in the high latitudes.

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