IODP workshop on Greenland Ice Sheet History

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IODP workshop on Greenland Ice Sheet History

Anders Carlson
To whom it may concern, I would like to post the following workshop announcement,

Assessing the History of the Greenland Ice Sheet through Ocean Drilling

November 7-9, 2011; Corvallis, Oregon

The response of the Greenland Ice Sheet to global warming represents one of the greatest uncertainties in predicting future sea-level rise. Observations extend back only decades and terrestrial geologic records rarely exist beyond the last deglaciation. Therefore, a marine-based paleo perspective is required to elucidate the response of this ice sheet to climate change.  Based on the emphasis put forward in the IODP Science Plan, a workshop is being convened to discuss the utility and application of ocean drilling in reconstructing the paleo-history of the Greenland Ice Sheet.  

Full and partial travel funding is available for a limited number of U.S. and international scientists. Postdoctoral scholars and graduate students are encouraged to attend and they will be given priority in travel support funding. Interested attendees should contact conveners Joseph Stoner ([hidden email]) and Anders Carlson ([hidden email]) by September 30th 2011. 

Anders Carlson
Assistant Professor
Department of Geoscience
& Center for Climatic Research
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI, 53706
phone: 608-262-1921
fax: 608-262-0693

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