IPY 2012 Conference From Knowledge to Action session on “Past, present and future polar climate change”

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IPY 2012 Conference From Knowledge to Action session on “Past, present and future polar climate change”

Michele Koppes

Session Announcement and Call for Abstracts
Session 2.2.6 “Past, present and future polar climate change”
IPY 2012 Conference
22-27 April 2012
Montréal, Canada

Abstract Submission Deadline for all Sessions:
Friday, 30 September, 2011

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to announce the following session at the IPY 2012 Conference.
Session 2.2.6 "Past, present and future polar climate change"

Session description:

The International Polar Year 2007-2009 coincided with a period of extraordinary climate change in the polar regions. Many IPY projects investigated both the current status of polar environments, and the causes of these ongoing polar changes.  Rapid climatic change in the polar regions continues.  This session will provide a synthesis of the results from these IPY (and other) projects and from subsequent investigations that have emerged from these projects.  This session is especially focused on multidisciplinary aspects of polar climate change, links between the north and south, and feedbacks in the climate system.  Potential topics include:

• Studies of past polar climates, that encompass all earth systems and that inform the present and the future state of the Arctic and Antarctic,
• Projections of future climate at the poles, particularly those that guide our understanding of the impacts of changing climate on the various earth and ocean systems and their feedbacks, as well as enable us to address the needs of policy makers.

Partial travel support is available for students and early career professionals on a competitive basis. Please visit http://apecs.is/events/montreal2012/travel-awards.

For further information please contact:

Ian Allison [[hidden email]]
Michael Fritz [[hidden email]]
Michele Koppes [[hidden email]]

We look forward to seeing you in Montreal.
Ian, Michele and Michael

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