IPY 2012 Conference From Knowledge to Action session on "Diminishing Snow and Ice"

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IPY 2012 Conference From Knowledge to Action session on "Diminishing Snow and Ice"

Martin Sharp
Session Announcement and Call for Abstracts

“Diminishing Snow and Ice”

IPY 2012 Conference

22-27 April 2012

Montréal, Canada


Abstract Submission Deadline for all Sessions:

Friday, 30 September, 2011


The Conveners of session 1.2.3 “Diminishing Snow and Ice” announce a call
for abstracts. The session will be convened at the IPY 2012 Conference and
will focus on the nature, causes, and modeling of past and future changes in
the snow and ice cover of the polar regions, and on the consequences of
these changes for the physical system at high latitudes.

Session description:

Over recent decades, it has become increasingly evident that the ice and
snow cover of the earth is decreasing. Research conducted during the IPY has
both increased the amount of data available to investigate these changes,
and resulted in improvements to the models that can be used to study the
past and future evolution of the snow and ice cover. This session will focus
on observations and modelling of the recent decline in sea-ice, ice sheets,
glaciers, snow, and freshwater ice in the Polar regions, and on the effects
of these changes on the physical system in the polar regions (i.e. changes
in ocean and atmospheric circulation, ocean stratification, river runoff,
marine and freshwater productivity, sea level).

Partial travel support is available for students and early career professionals on a competitive basis. Please visit http://apecs.is/events/montreal2012/travel-awards.
For more information, please contact: *Convenors:* Martin Sharp (Canada) *martin.sharp at ualberta.ca*<martin.sharp at ualberta.ca>, Alexandra Jahn (USA) ajahn at ucar.edu *Co-convenors:* Jouni Räisänen (Finland) jouni.raisanen at helsinki.fi, and Gesa Weyhenmeyer (Sweden) gesa.weyhenmeyer at ebc.uu.se. or read: http://www.ipy2012montreal.ca/program/area1-2.php For guidelines on abstract submission, see: *http://www.ipy2012montreal.ca/abstracts/abstracts.php*

We look forward to seeing you in Montreal
Martin, Alex, Gesa and Jouni
Martin Sharp
Professor and Chair
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Ab, T6G 2E3, Canada

Tel: <a href="tel:%281%29%20780%20492%205249" value="+17804925249" target="_blank">(1) 780 492 5249

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