ISSM Sea-Level Rise and Solid-Earth Workshop. Hawaii, June 11-12

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ISSM Sea-Level Rise and Solid-Earth Workshop. Hawaii, June 11-12

Larour, Eric (329C)

Dear Colleagues,


The University of Hawaii Sea Level Center, in collaboration with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and University of California at Irvine will

host the 2018 Ice Sheet System Model Sea-Level Workshop (ISSM, at the East-West Center on the campus of the

University of Hawaii at Manoa, June 11-12. It will be hosted by Pr. Phil Thompson of the University of Hawaii Sea Level Center and sponsored

by the N-SLCT Sea-Level NASA Science Team. This time, the workshop will focus entirely on new state of the art capabilities related to Sea-Level

and Solid-Earth simulations in ISSM.

Interactive sessions will be offered for beginners/advanced users and developers interested in learning how to use ISSM. Specific focus will be on tutorials that allow users to make use of GRACE ice mass change dataset to compute sea-level fingerprints and refine them on a global scale at a level compatible with complex local coastal geometries. Part of the workshop will also be dedicated to the computation of solid-earth surface stress and deformation resulting from ice and sea-level related loads. Participants will be invited to showcase their work during an open poster session, and science talks will be organized around relevant topics.


The registration page, and additional information on the workshop, can be found at


We look forward to your participation!




The ISSM team ([hidden email] and Phil Thompson



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