IUGG 2019: Atmosphere - ocean - sea ice interactions

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IUGG 2019: Atmosphere - ocean - sea ice interactions

John Cassano

We invite abstracts for IUGG 2019 (http://iugg2019montreal.com/index.html)
session JC02 - Atmosphere - ocean - sea ice  interactions: Local processes
and global implications.

The deadline for abstract submission is Monday 18 February 2019.


John Cassano (USA, IAMAS)

Co-Conveners: Hiroyuki Enomoto (Japan, IACS), Elisa Manzini (Germany, IAMAS), Matthew Lazzara (USA, IAMAS), James Renwick (New Zealand, IAMAS), Thomas Spengler (Norway, IAMAS), William Perrie (Canada, IAPSO)



Changes in the Arctic and Antarctic climate system are strongly related to atmosphere-ocean-ice (AOI) interactions. Phenomena such as the dramatic decrease in sea ice extent in the Arctic over the past 30 years contribute to rapid regional warming through feedbacks between the atmosphere, ocean, and sea ice. On the other hand, Antarctic sea ice variability is internally dominated with no strong multi-decadal trend. Understanding and modelling these variations in the coupled AOI system remains a challenge at both poles. AOI interactions are also associated with synoptic weather systems and mesoscale extreme weather phenomena such as cold air outbreaks, katabatic winds, and polar lows. In the Arctic, for example, sea ice loss is associated with rapid regional warming which is often tightly linked to mid-latitude weather and climate. Arctic sea ice loss may also impact the state of the stratospheric vortex, which in turn can affect the large-scale hemispheric circulation in the troposphere. Furthermore, in the Antarctic, sea ice change may affect ice shelf behaviour and hence could affect sea level change. The representation of these physical processes and interactions at different spatial and temporal scales, however, remains a major challenge for current weather and climate models.

This symposium brings together researchers working in the areas of polar meteorology and oceanography as well as sea ice to focus on physical processes as well as on global change related to the Arctic and Antarctic. Special emphasis is on the coupling between the ocean, ice, and atmosphere and the interactions between the Polar Regions and the large-scale hemispheric and global circulation. Further focus is on processes and parameterizations related to physical exchange, including the influence of sea ice floe-size distribution and sub-mesoscale ocean/sea ice dynamics and thermodynamics. Contributions are welcome dealing with theoretical and observational studies, including remote sensing, as well as studies using numerical models.

John Cassano
Associate Professor
University of Colorado
e-mail: [hidden email]

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