Ice Core session at AGU Fall Meeting

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Ice Core session at AGU Fall Meeting

Petrenko, Vasilii-2
Dear colleagues,

We would like to bring your attention and encourage you to submit relevant abstracts to the following session:

C019 - Ice Core Records of Environmental Change
Ice cores record environmental variability over seasonal to orbital timescales, often at a resolution unmatched by other archives. This session seeks to integrate ice core records from around the world with climate models and other paleoclimate archives to gain insight into past and future environmental change.
We invite contributions on subjects that include, but are not limited to: new results from ice core campaigns, paleoenvironmental reconstructions, new analytical techniques, advances in proxy development and interpretation, integration of ice core records with other natural archives and/or climate model simulations, and glaciological studies that contribute to interpretation of ice core records.

Vas Petrenko, Murat Aydin, Erich Osterberg and T.J. Fudge

Vasilii Petrenko
Associate Professor
Dept of Earth and Environmental Sciences
227 Hutchison Hall
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627

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