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Ice Flows game - feedback request

Le-Brocq, Anne

Dear cryolist,

Last August we released the educational game “Ice Flows” (, the game has been well received and I know of a number of people that have been using it.  I’m emailing to ask for people’s feedback on if/how they’ve been using it and any accounts of successful interactions with members of the public that resulted from using it.  Please reply to me (don’t reply-all!) with any feedback or suggestions you might have.


Also, I’d like to reiterate if anyone would like to fund/apply for funds to develop the game further for any regions or processes, please get in touch, there is plenty of scope for further developments.






Dr. Anne Le Brocq

Senior Lecturer, Geography

College of Life and Environmental Sciences

University of Exeter

+44 (0)1392 723833


“Ice Flows”, an Antarctic Ice Sheet computer game:


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