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Ice Shelves and Glacier Tongues - Ice on the Edge



Dear Colleagues - please excuse a final update to CRYOLIST on the IUGG symposium


Ice Shelves and Glacier Tongues - Ice on the Edge


Now that AGU meeting has passed and EGU abstract deadlines are out of the way, we hope some of you are turning your minds to attending IUGG 2011 General Assembly in Melbourne, Australia between 27 June and 7 July, 2011 ( and considering submitting an abstract (or two) for the Joint Symposium on Ice Shelves and Glacier Tongues (IACS and IAPSO) [Details below].


Invited speakers for the symposium include:
Matt King (UK) on nonlinear ice flow responses of Antarctic ice shelves to tidal forcing, Craig Stevens (NZ) on flow, stratification and mixing near the Erebus Glacier Tongue, Ala Khazendar (USA), on observations and modelling of changes and stability of Antarctic ice shelves, and Benoit Legresy (France) on the dynamics and calving of the Mertz glacier and its ice tongue. Other contributions are planned around research on the Amery and Fimbul ice shelves.


Contributions are welcomed across the broad scope of the symposium [see below] and particularly about ice-ocean interactions in Greenland and about other recent field campaigns in Antarctica to help give a comprehensive coverage at IUGG.


Abstract Deadline: Tuesday  1st February 2011


The convenors: Roland Warner, Mike Dinniman, Lars Smedsrud and Anna Wåhlin, thank you for giving this message your attention.


We look forward to seeing plenty of CRYOLIST’ers in Melbourne.


Best regards,





  Dr Roland Warner                 Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems

Senior Research Scientist           Cooperative Research Centre


                                Australian Antarctic Division

                               Dept of Sustainability, Environment,

                                 Water, Population & Communities



Private Bag 80          Email: [hidden email]

Hobart                         [hidden email]

AUSTRALIA 7001                 [hidden email]


Tel (International): +61 3 6226 7878

Fax (International): +61 3 6226 2902    (Glaciology group)

Fax (International): +61 3 6226 2440    (ACE CRC central)


Visit our websites:




Submission of abstracts is now open at:


Abstract deadline Tuesday 1 February 2011.

Ice Shelves and Glacier Tongues – Ice on the Edge

Organiser: IACS
Co-sponsors: IAPSO
Lead Convenors: Roland Warner (Australia), Mike Dinniman (United States of America)
Co-Convenors: Lars Smedsrud (Norway), Anna Wåhlin (Sweden)

Scope: Floating glacial ice, in ice shelves and glacier tongues, forms an important linkage between polar ice sheets and the ocean. Thermal interaction with subglacial ocean circulation couples ice shelves and glacier tongues to the global climate system, making this part of the ice sheet margin sensitive to climate change. The rapid disintegration of several Antarctic ice shelves over recent decades has been attributed to combinations of atmospheric and oceanic influences, internal ice shelf dynamics and fracture and rift development. Much of the continental ice is discharged through these regimes and the balance of forces within ice shelves imposes boundary conditions on flow in ice streams and outlet glaciers. Uncertainty about these evolving boundary conditions at the ice margin on interior flow leads to uncertainty about contributions to future sea-level. Contributions are sought addressing all aspects of ice shelves and glacier tongues and their interaction with the climate system, including observations and modelling of: the structure, dynamics and evolution of ice shelves; their linkages with the broader climate system; sub-shelf ocean circulation and ice shelf-ocean interactions; rifting and iceberg calving, and the influence of changing ice shelves on grounding lines and ice stream dynamics. In particular, overviews of the current state of knowledge are welcomed.

Roland Warner - [hidden email]

Mike Dinniman - [hidden email]

Lars Henrik Smedsrud

Anna Wåhlin




If you’re still reading – and thinking of coming along – here’s some helpful fine print re the IUGG meeting. Hopefully it doesn’t put you off!  Any questions – please feel free to contact Roland.


First, presenting authors may submit two abstracts for oral presentations, but in addition, any number of abstracts for poster papers, and they can also be non-presenting co-authors on other presenting authors' oral papers. All presenting authors must submit their abstracts, register and pay the registration fee, for their papers to be included in the program.

Second, all presenting authors must register on-line by the Early Bird Registration date of 11th April, or their papers will be withdrawn from the program. NOTE the distinction there between registering and paying.


Those presenters who have registered, but not yet paid the registration fee by the 11th April, will be contacted by the conference managers to remind them to pay as soon as possible. By late April the schedule of papers is being prepared for the printed program and IUGG seeks some assurance that registered presenters will pay the registration fee and attend the conference, or they will consider withdrawing such papers from the program to minimise no shows and gaps in the program of oral presentations.


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