Ice ocean-Interactions at AGU Fall Meeting 2019

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Ice ocean-Interactions at AGU Fall Meeting 2019

Armitage, Tom W (334H-Affiliate)

Dear Cryolisters,

We would like to draw your attention to our AGU session (C002): Advances in Ice Sheet-Ocean Interactions: From Measurements to Climate Impacts.

For the past two years your exciting science has brought in a standing-room-only crowd (even at 8am)! Please consider submitting your abstract on ice sheet-ocean interactions!

Description: The mechanisms driving oceanic melt and regulating freshwater discharge at the margins of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets have emerged as critical research areas for understanding and projecting the ice sheets’ contribution to sea level rise and their impact on ocean circulation. However, the complex processes involved, wide range of time/spatial scales, and harsh climate make these uniquely difficult systems to observe and model. We welcome submissions across glaciological and oceanographic disciplines exploiting observational, modelling, or theoretical methods to study ice sheet-ocean interactions, including those exploiting advances in our satellite remote sensing capabilities (e.g., Sentinel’s, Landsat-8, CryoSat-2 & ICESat/ICESat-2). Example topics include: ocean circulation/transformation at ice sheet margins; ice velocity/elevation changes in response to oceanic forcing; ice melt beneath ice shelves and at tidewater glacier margins; bathymetry and glacier observations; climate sensitivity of physical processes controlling ice-ocean interactions; development of coupled ice-ocean numerical models and melt parameterizations.

All the best,
Tom Armitage, Anna Hogg, Fiamma Straneo and Pierre Dutrieux

Tom Armitage | Postdoctoral Scholar
Radar Science and Engineering
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology
Email: [hidden email]
Phone: +1 (818)-354-3318
Twitter: @twkarmitage

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