Ice-ocean systems/interactions on Earth and beyond!

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Ice-ocean systems/interactions on Earth and beyond!

Walker, Catherine C (329C-Affiliate)
This is another AGU reminder (they’ll stop after tomorrow)!

If you haven’t found a spot for your ice-ocean interactions abstract yet…we’d encourage you to submit an abstract to our session! 
We’re excited to hear about ice-ocean interactions on your ocean planet of choice, Earth included! 
We had fantastic cross-disciplinary discussions last year, and look forward to building up Ocean Worlds collaborations again in New Orleans.  We hope you’ll join us and be a part of the crossover between Earth and planetary sciences!

Here’s the info:
Title: "From the Earth to the Moons: Ice-ocean systems on Earth and Ocean Worlds" (P014)
Due: Tomorrow! (Aug. 2)

See you in New Orleans!
- Catherine Walker, Britney Schmidt, Kelly Brunt, and Justin Burton

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