Ice sheet mass balance and sea level at EGU 2020

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Ice sheet mass balance and sea level at EGU 2020

Frank Pattyn

Dear all,


Please consider submitting an abstract to the following session at EGU 2020 (3–8 May 2020): CR1.1 Ice sheet mass balance and sea level: ISMASS/ISMIP6, co-sponsored by CliC (Climate and Cryosphere), SCAR (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research) and IASC (International Arctic Science Committee)


This exciting session explores improvements in our understanding and quantification of past, present and future ice sheet and sea-level changes. We invite contributions about the following topics:


·         How to improve the reliability of the projections using observations (paleo and present), models and model intercomparison exercises (ISMIP6, and others);

·         assessment of uncertainties and probability distributions of the ice sheets' contribution to sea level change;

·         emerging processes;

·         feedbacks coming from interactions between components (ice sheets, ocean, atmosphere, solid earth).


We focus on the present and future (multi-centennial) Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, but paleo-studies are encouraged if they shed a light on the mentioned topics.


This session is related to both ISMASS ( and ISMIP6 (



Abstract deadline: 15 January 2020


Hoping to see you all next year!


On behalf of the conveners, Frank (ISMASS/SCAR), Tolly (ISMASS/IASC), Hélène (ISMIP6), and Donald (ECR)



Frank Pattyn
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