If you're a Post Secondary Professor or Researcher I could use your help with market research

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If you're a Post Secondary Professor or Researcher I could use your help with market research

Sandor Kiss

Attn: Cryolist Member.


My name is Sandor Kiss. My company, TeamThink, is conducting market research on behalf of Canatec Associates International Ltd. (www.canatec.ca), sea-ice consulting specialists. I am requesting participation from researchers and professors at post-secondary schools involved in cryosphere related studies to complete a short online survey. Canatec would like ideas on how its software product, ICE ’06, could improve the learning experience in their classrooms and assist research activities.


ICE06 is currently commercial software that consolidates statistical ice data from various sources dating back to the 1970’s. This data is coupled with software that supports statistical analysis of sea ice conditions in the Arctic and Antarctic. While current clients are primarily energy and mining companies that use the software to plan operations, Canatec would like to understand needs of researchers and students/professors at post-secondary schools involved in studies related to the cryosphere. The goal is to determine if Canatec could modify the software to suit researchers and student curriculum in a compelling and relevant manner.


As an incentive to participate, TeamThink will enter your name into a draw to receive up to $250CAD to offer a graduate student in your faculty ($15 response, max of $250).


Please visit http://canatec.wordpress.com/ to participate in the research.


Thank you.

Sandor Kiss

Director, TeamThink Inc.

[hidden email]



Connect Online

www.teamthink.ca (w)

http://ca.linkedin.com/in/sandorkiss (LinkedIn)


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