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Innovation and Applications of UAV Remote Sensing in Cryospheric Systems - Frontiers Research Topic

Matt Westoby



I hope this e-mail finds you well.


Are you using drone-based remote sensing to advance understanding of cryospheric systems?


If so, please consider submitting a manuscript to our new Frontiers in Remote Sensing Research Topic:


“Innovation and Applications of UAV Remote Sensing in Cryospheric Systems”



An abridged version of our call is appended below, and key dates are as follows:


Abstract deadline: 29 January 2021

Full manuscripts: 2 July 2021


There may be some flexibility in these dates, so if the opportunity interests you, but you think it might be tricky to hit either deadline, please get in touch. Similarly, if you’re unsure whether this Research Topic is an appropriate outlet for your work, please drop us an e-mail to discuss.


Best wishes,


Matt Westoby (Northumbria University)

Dave Rippin (University of York)

Clare Webster (WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF)

S. McKenzie Skiles (University of Utah)


Call summary:


The versatility of UAVs makes them ideally suited as platforms from which to make low-altitude, high-resolution observations of cryospheric landscapes and seascapes. In such environments, the viability of ground-based investigations can be logistically challenging, or altogether impossible, such that distinct value is placed on the acquisition of valuable field data. Such data are already playing a pivotal role as we seek to more fully understand the impact of environmental change in cryospheric regions.

The aim of this Research Topic is to showcase world-leading, innovative research into UAV-enabled observation of cryospheric systems, including: ice sheets, mountain glaciers, rock glaciers and ice-proximal (proglacial or periglacial) landsystems, permafrost landscapes (including both latitudinal or altitudinal permafrost), permanent or seasonal snowpack, and sea and river ice.

We encourage contributions that are concerned with the development of new UAV-mounted sensors specifically for cryospheric monitoring (i.e. ‘innovation’) and those where the emphasis is on new applications of existing UAV-based technology, as well as studies which involve both.

We seek Original Research Papers, Methodological Papers, state-of-the-art Reviews, and Perspective articles. We particularly welcome contributions that are inherently multidisciplinary and/or those with an applied focus, although neither are a prerequisite for consideration.

Dr. Matthew Westoby
Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography
Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences
Northumbria University
Newcastle upon Tyne, 

Tel: +44 (0)191 227 4305
Google Scholar:

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