Inquiry: workshop automated systems on glaciers

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Inquiry: workshop automated systems on glaciers

Tijm-Reijmer, C.H.
Dear Colleagues,

several years ago, in March 2004, we organized a workshop on the use of Automatic weather stations on glaciers, in order to exchange ideas, knowledge and plans. (For those interested, this is the website of the 2004 meeting with a pdf of the book of extended abstracts:

By now we all know that in-situ data are essential for validation of mass balance models, meteorological models but also ice dynamical models and remote sensing products. However, a better understanding of glacier-climate interaction still requires more extensive and more complete data sets. Apart from the measurements of standard meteorological quantities, there is a need for measuring automatically variables that are directly related to components of the mass budget (e.g. characteristics of the snowpack), or that are related to ice dynamics  (e.g. ice velocity, hydraulics).

The operation of such systems on and near glaciers has many problems: power supply, unstable service, riming and icing, accessibility, tourists, etc.

Especially since the international polar year the amount of automated measurements carried out on glaciers has increased significantly and we think the time has come for a new workshop, where we can exchange ideas, discuss the typical problems we are facing, and ultimately learn from each other.

However, before starting organization of such a meeting we first would like to check whether there is interest in such a workshop or mini-conference. We would like to broaden the subject a bit in order to include not only automatic weather stations but also devices such as GPSes and camera's. On the other hand limit the subject to ground based observations.

This meeting could be held somewhere in winter or early spring 2011. 
And a good location could be somewhere in the Alps , for example Pontresina, Switzerland.

Is there any interest in such a meeting?


Best regards,
Carleen Tijm-Reijmer
Hans Oerlemans

Dr. C.H. Tijm-Reijmer

Utrecht University
Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research (IMAU)

Visiting address:
Princetonplein 5,  3584 CC Utrecht, The Netherlands

Correspondence address:
PO Box 80 005, 3508 TA Utrecht, The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 30 253 3167
Fax: +31 30 254 3163

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1-year position offer in Météo-France/CEN (Grenoble, France)

Dear all,

The Snow Research Center (Météo-France, Grenoble, France) offers a
1-year position on a climatological study of the Pyrenees snowcover
based on the Safran-Crocus-MEPRA tool and the comparison/validation with
ground and satellite observations (in the framework of the FLUXPYR project).

The deadline for application is September 15  2010.
Additional informations can be found in the attached document.

Best regard,

Pierre Etchevers

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Post_doc_FLUXPYR_en.pdf (16K) Download Attachment