Integrating mass balance observations and models

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Integrating mass balance observations and models

O'Neel, Shad


We would like to draw your attention to the Fall 2017 AGU session:


C013: Glacier mass balance: integrated observations and models, and downstream impacts


This cryosphere session is cross listed with Biogeosciences, Global Environmental Change and Hydrology.


Conveners: Shad O’Neel and Anthony Arendt


Confirmed Invited Presentations: John Pomeroy (U. Saskatchewan, Global Water Futures)

                                                    Kyle McDonald (City College New York, High Mountain Asia)


Session Description:

Runoff from mountain glaciers plays an important role in the global sea level budget, and is also linked to regional socio-economic issues including water supply and ecosystem function. Glacier mass loss estimates have high uncertainty due to the challenge of accurately determining hydro-climatic variability at the necessary spatial and temporal scales.  Full utilization of existing field and remote sensing data can be achieved through data integration, as well as assimilation of observations into hydrological models.

This session will highlight research efforts that synthesize multiple data types or integrate data and models to improve our understanding of glacier mass balance processes and trends. We welcome submissions over a variety of space and time scales, including analysis of historic changes and projected changes. We also welcome submission discussing how integrated research better informs multi-disciplinary efforts such as surface water modeling, or biophysical coupling between glaciers and ecosystems.

We look forward to seeing your abstract submission to our session,

Shad and Anthony.

Shad O'Neel
USGS Glaciologist
Alaska Science Center
4210 University Dr.
Anchorage AK 99508

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