International Mountain Day 2020

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International Mountain Day 2020

Mads Huuse

It’s UN International Mountain Day today Friday 11 Dec 2020


Please join us in celebrating the magnificent water towers of the world and their biodiversity on with an amazing line up of presentations, interviews and status reports from leading experts and wild life enthusiasts from mountains in the Arctic to the Antarctic via the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia. Of particular interest to this list will be reports from Dr Ann Rowan on Himalayan glaciers, from Dr Ben Edwards on glacierized mountains across the world, and some amazing images courtesy of Planet Labs. But plenty more to delight your eyes, ears and brains on International Mountain Day.

Also look out for tweets from @EarthProj2050


Happy Mountain Day everyone!




Dr Mads Huuse

Director, The Earth Project (

Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences, The University of Manchester



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