International Symposium "Cryosphere, Water and Sustainable Development in Central Asia“

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International Symposium "Cryosphere, Water and Sustainable Development in Central Asia“

Tobias Bolch
Please accept our apologies for cross-postings.

Dear Colleagues,

Prof. Dahe Qin, Prof. Shiyin Liu, Prof. Ninglian Wang and me would like
to draw your attention to the  „International Symposium on Changing
Cryosphere, Water Availability and Sustainable Development in Central
Asia” which will be held October 10-12, 2011 in Urumchi, Xinjiang, China.

This international symposium aims to
- to establish a baseline for the condition and trend of Central Asia's
- to quantify the influences of cryospheric changes on water resources,
environment, and sustainable development;
- to outline measure to adaptive to cryospheric changes;
- to provide a platform to discuss methodological approaches;
- to define research needs and priorities.
- to strengthen cooperation especially amongst experts working in the
Central Asian countries;

We invite scientists, managers, students as well as representatives of
governments, media and funding organizations, who have researched or are
interested in cryospheric sciences, climate change, hydrology, ecology,
and sociology to share research results and to discuss about the
sustainable development in Central Asia. The official language of the
symposium will be English.

More information can be found in the first circular:

Abstract submission form:

With kind regards,

Tobias Bolch

Dr. Tobias Bolch
Geographisches Institut/Department of Geography
Universität Zürich/University of Zurich
Winterthurer Str. 190
CH-8057 Zuerich
Tel. +41 44 635 5236
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