Invitation to attend International Workshop on Climate Change and Extreme Events in the Himalayan Region

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Invitation to attend International Workshop on Climate Change and Extreme Events in the Himalayan Region

Ramesh Singh
Dear Members of the Cryolist

We are organizing aInternational Workshop “Climate Change and Extreme Events in the Himalaya Region”  at IIT Mandi campus during 18-20 April 2019. 
Tentative lists of scientific sessions
-         Atmospheric pollution and air quality
-          Characterization of snow/glaciers
-          Coupling between Ocean-Land and Himalayan environment
-          Darkening of snow/glaciers
-          Extreme events (Rainfall, landslides/rockslides, snow avalanches)
-          GIS tools for management of Himalayan resources and natural disasters
-          Glacial lake outburst flood
-          GPS (crustal movements and water vapor)
-          Growing pollution over the Indo-Gangetic plains and Himalayan Glaciers
-          Himalayan Dams and reservoirs
-          Impacts of anthropogenic influences on the Himalayan flora and fauna
-          Long range transport of dusts and Himalayan glaciers
-          Long term changes in snow/glaciers
-          Monitoring of meteorological parameters
-          NASA-ISRO Joint mission for monitoring Natural Hazards and Himalayan snow/glaciers
-          Optical and microwave remote sensing of Snow/glaciers
-          Recent Himalayan earthquakes
-          Seismic monitoring in Himalaya
-          Snow/glaciers mapping
-          Winter/Summer crop burning and impacts on Himalayan resources
A Panel discussion on topic - “Are we prepared for Big One?”, Panelists will be from India and abroad 
Registration Fees – Detailed information will be available soon on the workshop website

For detailed information about IIT Mandi and how to reach, please visit following website
Accommodation – All delegates will be accommodated in IIT Mandi Guest house.

On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to invite you to consider to attend proposed  workshop.   
Let me know if you have any question

Wish You Happy Holidays

Ramesh P. Singh, Ph.D.
Professor, Earth System Science and Remote Sensing
School of Life and Environmental Sciences
Schmid College of Science and Technology
Chapman University
Orange, CA 92866, USA
Tel. 714-289-2057
Fax  714-516-4542

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