Invitation to join the Alpine Cryosphere Project Group at APECS

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Invitation to join the Alpine Cryosphere Project Group at APECS

Alfonso Fernández-2
Dear Cryosphere Scientists and all interested by the cryosphere,

We are the Alpine Cryosphere Project Group at the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS). Although a relatively small and new group, we have been very active in providing relevant information and resources for the increasing number of APECS members working in high-altitude environments. By visiting APECS’ webpage, you’ll see our efforts trying to synthetize information on graduate programs as well as delivering webinars targeted for alpine researchers. This year we want to go beyond these activities; that’s the reason why we are looking for new members wishful to brainstorm and implement new ideas to improve the resources available for us. No matter if you already made a new year’s decision to join us or if you just discovered our group by reading this email, we welcome you all. Please, contact us at [hidden email].

Alfonso Fernández
Concepción, Chile

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