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Invite journalists to join your expedition

Cryo Connect
Dear Cryolist,

As of today, you can register your expedition(s) to the cryosphere on the Cryo Connect website in order to invite journalists or other information seekers to come along, either to increase the visibility of your project, or to boost the impact of your results. Take 5 minutes to share some details on the time and place of your expedition, on the scientific goals, on how many extra seats you have available, and on how much they need to pay to cover the added cost - and our database will try to find a match. Naturally you have full control in deciding who joins your expedition.

Remember that you can also use the Cryo Connect platform to tell information seekers about your publications, or sign up as a cryosphere expert so that information seekers can find you when they need answers.

Cryo Connect is run by a team of scientists. Our only aim is to boost science communication.

(Dirk van As on behalf of) The Cryo Connect team

PS1: On a related note, please contact us if you are operating out of Kangerlussuaq or Ilulissat (Greenland) and willing to host a newspaper journalist for one or two days in the period 8-18 July.
PS2: Unrelated, see the top 50 of cryosphere papers receiving most media attention in 2018 here.

Cryo Connect

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