Job announcement: European Project Manager for the polar ice core-related ITN project DEEPICE

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Job announcement: European Project Manager for the polar ice core-related ITN project DEEPICE

Emilie Capron
Dear colleagues, 

The Climate and Environmental Sciences Laboratory (LSCE-UMR 8212) is recruiting a full-time European Project Manager (EPM) to ensure the implementation and monitoring of a European project of the European Research Training Network (ITN-ETN, Innovative Training Network - Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions) entitled "Research and training network on understanding Deep icE corE Proxies to Infer past antarctiC climatE dynamics" (DEEPICE).

The DEEPICE project, coordinated by Amaëlle LANDAIS and Emilie CAPRON, brings together a consortium of three research centers (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Alfred Wegener Institute, UKRI British Antarctic Survey) and seven universities (Univ. Bergen, Univ. Bern, Univ. Brussels, Univ. Copenhagen, Univ. Lund, Univ. Utrecht, Univ. Venice), representing ten countries (Belgium, France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom). Over a period of 4 years, it plans to recruit and train 15 doctoral students (Early-Stage Researchers, ESRs) in the field of paleoclimatology - the science of past climates - based on the study of deep ice cores drilled in Antarctica. In addition to the ten partners who will train the students in new analytical techniques (including those in cold environments) in geochemistry, and numerical modeling for the study of climate and the mechanisms of climate change, industrial partners as well as organizations for scientific communication to the general public will complete the students' training.

The EPM will play a key role in the project and will be an integral part of the team. Placed alongside the scientific coordinators, the EPM will have the mission to ensure the animation of the consortium and to facilitate its general operation in accordance with the terms of the grant agreement and the consortium agreement. These functions thus cover a wide range of tasks related to the organizational, administrative, financial and legal management of the project. The EPM will also have a major role in the implementation of the project's communication actions, including in collaboration with the ESRs on specific scientific popularization projects.

More information and application platform can be found here:

All the best, 
Amaelle Landais and Emilie Capron.

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