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Job announcement | Hydrologist or Aquatic Ecologist | National Park Service, Anchorage, AK

The National Park Service (NPS) serves as a steward for the preservation of America's national parks and their resources. The NPS has initiated a service-wide, network-based natural resource inventory and monitoring program to improve the scientific capability of the agency and provide park managers with timely information on the condition of park resources.  The purpose of the program is to implement long-term ecological monitoring to evaluate the integrity of park ecosystems and better understand ecosystem processes. The Southwest Alaska Network consists of five Alaskan parks (Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve, Alagnak National Wild River, Katmai National Park and Preserve, Kenai Fjords National Park, and Lake Clark National Park and Preserve).  This network is characterized by  large glacially influenced rivers, large multi-lake freshwater systems, and 1,000 miles of marine coastline.  Two of the largest lakes within the National Park system occur here - Naknek Lake and Lake Clark. 

The appointee will serve as the aquatic resources monitoring program leader, working in a team atmosphere with a motivated interdisciplinary group of scientists and park staff to design and implement a long-term monitoring program. The incumbent will work independently and with cooperators to develop and implement long-term freshwater monitoring relating to large lake and river ecosystems. The appointee will conduct and oversee field work to accomplish monitoring objectives, analyze complex data to determine the significance of findings, and routinely provide monitoring results to park management.  Specific topics for long-term monitoring include water quality, surface hydrology, contaminants, and salmon.   The incumbent will travel to Lake Clark and Naknek Lake (in particular) several times a summer, and less often to some of the other lakes.

Job announcement (closing date of 18 Dec 2013):


U.S. citizenship is required

Michael Shephard
Southwest Alaska Network Inventory & Monitoring Program
National Park Service

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