Job announcement of the GRENE Arctic projcet, Japan

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Job announcement of the GRENE Arctic projcet, Japan

SAITO Fuyuki
Dear all,

We are looking for a PhD candidate who would wish to work with us, for
the GRENE Arctic project, Japan.  Main points of this position are as

 - Development/improvement of a numerical ice-sheet model to
   reconstruct the past/present/future variation of Greenland ice
   sheet, which includes developments of surface mass balance model,
   earth rebound model, and/or interaction between ice-sheet and
   climate systems
 - Technical improvement of numerical model (e.g., optimization,
   parallelization, as well as incorporation of such numerical technique
   as multi-grid methods or adaptive mesh refinement).
   Operation of numerical simulations.
 - Experience of programming with FORTRAN and MPI,
   and visualization of numerical simulations are strongly expected.
 - The job is from November 1 or later to the end of March, but,
   further extension may be possible.
   The working place is the Yokohama institute of JAMSTEC.

At the moment we have no official information in English,
despite this position is opened to foreigners.  So please contact us
(SAITO Fuyuki <[hidden email]> and Ayako ABE-OUCHI
<[hidden email]>) for any details about this position.

The deadline of the application is September 7 2012, 17:00 (JST).
We are sorry for such a short notice, but we are looking forward to
hearing from you.

Details in Japanese:
SAITO Fuyuki ([hidden email])
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