Job opportunity: Lecturer in GIS at the University of Portsmouth

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Job opportunity: Lecturer in GIS at the University of Portsmouth

Harold Lovell

Dear all and apologies for cross-posting,


We are advertising for a full-time Lecturer in GIS to join us in the Department of Geography at the University of Portsmouth (to start in September 2017 on a permanent contract).


Please follow this link for further details:


We encourage applications from strong candidates with experience of using and delivering any form of GIS and remote sensing methods, particularly those that fall within a broad category of ‘emerging technologies’. Please do contact me at [hidden email] if you would like further information on the advertised post or your potential suitability.


The deadline for applications is 24th May 2017. The interview date is 13th June 2017.






Dr Harold Lovell | Senior Lecturer in GIS and Remote Sensing | Level 4 Year Leader |

| Email: [hidden email] | 

University of Portsmouth | Department of Geography | Buckingham Building | Lion Terrace | Portsmouth | PO1 3HE | United Kingdom |
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|Recent Publication: Debris entrainment and landform genesis during tidewater glacier surges|


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