Job position for Postdoctoral Research Scientists at LDEO/Univ. of Michigan on hyperspectral / albedo / biology of Greenland and Mars

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Job position for Postdoctoral Research Scientists at LDEO/Univ. of Michigan on hyperspectral / albedo / biology of Greenland and Mars

Tedesco Marco

Dear colleagues, 

the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University and the University of Michigan invite applications for Postdoctoral Research Scientists in cryospheric sciences. Researchers at the Observatory and at the University of Michigan work to understand the dynamics of the Earth’s chemical, physical and biological systems, from the core to the upper atmosphere, including Earth¹s interactions with human society. Our scientists lead research in the fields of solid Earth dynamics; ocean, atmospheric and climate systems; cryospheric sciences; paleoclimate and biogeoscience.

 We encourage applications from those with expertise in hyperspectral data analysis, spectral un-mixing and knowledge of snow/ice physical processes leading to changes in broadband and spectral albedo. The selected candidate will specifically focus on the Greenland ice sheet and the glaciated areas of Mars. The overall goals of the project include the understanding of the surface impurities over Greenland and their impact on albedo through regional climate modeling. The project also aims at exploring representations of bio-impurity albedo impacts that are suitable for use in the Community Earth System Model (CESM) as well as the analysis of hyperspectral data collected over Mars for identifying potential regions for bio-ecological niches.

 The principal selection criteria are scientific excellence, a clearly expressed plan to investigate problems at the forefront of cryospheric science and expertise matching or close to those described above. The ideal candidate should also have excellent programming and/or mathematical skills and should be able to work in a team while developing his/her own research ideas.

Candidates should have completed their Ph.D. in Geography, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Engineering, Glaciology, Geophysics or related disciplines or should expect to complete their degree requirements by the starting date.

 Positions will be open until filled. This hiring is part of a 3-year project and it is a two-year position, with the renewal for the second year pending performance of the candidate and money availability. 

 Questions on the process or selection can be sent to:

[hidden email] 

[hidden email]


Mark Flanner and Marco Tedesco

Marco Tedesco, PhD
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University
NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies
Ph: +1 8453658910
cell: +1 2023754884


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