Join expedition to the glacier Tunsbergdalsbreen in Norway

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Join expedition to the glacier Tunsbergdalsbreen in Norway

Karen Weichert
Hello everyone,

Tunsbergdalsbreen Project is an international project that would like to
introduce the topic of climate change to teenagers and young adults by
taking them on an expedition to the Norwegian glacier Tunsbergdalsbreen
where they are asked to do measurements on the glacier's behaviour (ice
velocity, front position and surface elevation). The measurements
program has been created by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy
Directorate and the Norwegian Glacier Museum in Fjærland.

For these annual expeditions we need expeditions leaders with
appropriate skills for expeditions from 2011 to 2015. Therefore we will
organise a special expedition for potential leaders this year. By
joining, the participants will bind themselves to act as a leader in at
least one of the following years 2011-2015.

See attached posters in English or Norwegian for requirements, prices
and more information. We are looking especially for leaders from Norway,
as the groups will be a mix of Norwegian and UK members.

More information on the prosjekt in Norwegian (and soon also in English)
can be found at

Kind regards
Karen Weichert
Tunsbergdalsbreen Project
Prosjekt Tunsbergdalsbreen
Tunsbergdalsbreen project

Karen Weichert
Project co-ordinator (Norway)
E-mail: [hidden email]
Phone +47 57 11 00 41
Mobile +47 90 53 41 02

Tunsbergdalsbreen er eit projekt av / is a project by:
Norsk Bremuseum -
Brathay Exploration Group -
Field Studies Council -

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