Joint CLIVASH2k / AntClim21 workshop - Cambridge, UK

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Joint CLIVASH2k / AntClim21 workshop - Cambridge, UK

Thomas, Liz
Upcoming workshop:

Climate Variability in Antarctica and the Southern Hemisphere in the past 2000 years

Tuesday 4th- Wednesday 5th September 2018

British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK.

This is an open meeting (limited to 40 participants) to engage a broad spectrum of the scientific community working on climate variability in the southern hemisphere over the past 2000 years. It is open to paleoclimatologists working on a range of archives (such as ice cores, lake sediments, marine records, and terrestrial records), climatologists and climate modellers. Our aim is to review and evaluate our current understanding of the drivers of Southern Hemisphere climate variability, through short presentations, posters and discussion sessions.

The final programme will circulated following the CLIVASH2k kick-off meeting in Davos (

Register for this event:

Registration deadline: 17th August

Travel grants: PAGES will support a small number of travel grants. Priority will be given to early career researchers (PhD students and early post-doctoral researchers) and those from developing countries.

Please indicate when registering if you require financial assistance and submit a justification and estimated costs.

Travel grant deadline: 3rd August

This joint workshop brings together the PAGES 2k project CLIVASH2k
and the SCAR research programme AntClim21

We look forward to welcoming you in Cambridge!

Liz Thomas and Thomas Bracegirdle

On behalf of the CLIVASH2k and AntClim21 working groups

Dr Liz Thomas
Group Head - Ice Cores
British Antarctic Survey
Cambridge, CB3 0ET, UK
NERC is part of UK Research and Innovation

+44 1223 221658
[hidden email]

CLIVASH2K project lead

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