Juneau Icefield Research Program: 2021 Applications open for students, staff, and faculty.

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Juneau Icefield Research Program: 2021 Applications open for students, staff, and faculty.

Annie Boucher-2
Applications are now open for students, staff, and faculty for the 2021 JIRP Field Season. All applications are due on January 31st. All information can be found at juneauicefield.org.

The Juneau Icefield Research Program is a summer field program for (primarily) undergraduate Earth and Polar science students. In a non-COVID year, 30 students earn credits while completing a six-week ski traverse of the Juneau Icefield from Juneau, AK to Atlin, BC. Along the way they are trained in glacier travel, attend lectures and workshops, and complete group research projects. Academic topics include glaciology, geophysics, ecology, geochemistry, biogeochemistry, geomorphology, geophysics, and science communication.  

Our teaching faculty come into the field for two-week blocks to teach classes, lead workshops, and use the exceptional natural classroom of the Juneau Icefield to inspire students from around the world. In addition, we welcome research faculty to collect data and test equipment with the considerable infrastructure support of our permanent field camps, extensive local knowledge, and trained safety staff. 

Throughout the summer our staff supports the expedition either in the field or in town. Responsibilities include leading trail parties on the glacier, managing remote camps of up to 60 people, and organizing personnel and supplies for helicopter transportation. 

We are planning several options for our 2021 fieldwork based on pandemic-related safety concerns. We hope to get as many participants into the field as we can while managing the risks to our team, our local partners, and the greater communities of Southeast Alaska and northern British Columbia. We hope to have more definitive plans in place in February.

For prospective JIRPers for whom a potentially modified and inherently less predictable field season is not appealing, we have an Interest Form open for our Summer 2022 field season at juneauicefield.org/2022.

We look forward to hearing from you, as well as from any students who might be interested in JIRP.

Happy New Year, 

The JIRP Leadership Team:

Seth Campbell, Director of Academics and Research
  Annie Boucher, Program Manager  
Lindsey Nicholson, Associate Director of Academics
Brad Markle, Associate Director of Academics
Newt Krumdieck, Field Operations Manager

Academic Council: Sarah Fortner, Hannah Mode, Shad O'Neel, Allen Pope, Kiya Riverman, Catharine White

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