KEPLER - Early Career Scientist online workshop (mid-February 2021)

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KEPLER - Early Career Scientist online workshop (mid-February 2021)

Ole Jakob Hegelund
Dear all,
We are pleased to announce that KEPLER is planning to host an Early Career Scientist Online Workshop for students and young scientists in tentatively Mid-February. To help us out forming the workshop and chose the topics we would be grateful if you took the time to fill out this survey.

The full agenda and registration will be sent out in Mid January 2021.
Please share the news with your students and young scientists. 
KEPLER (Key Environmental monitoring for Polar Latitudes and European Readiness) is a multi-partner initiative, built around the operational European Ice Services and Copernicus information providers, to prepare a road map for Copernicus to deliver an improved European capacity for monitoring and forecasting the Polar Regions. KEPLER will run from 1st January 2019 to 31st March 2021, has a budget of €2.9M, 15 project partners, and is an EU Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action (CSA). Read more about the project here

The marine environment in the Polar Regions is changing; with this comes to both challenges and opportunities. Earth Observation (EO) has a key role to play in the sustainable development of the region, and the information services provided must be flexible to respond to the changing needs and conditions. Importantly they must provide much-needed information for  Arctic peoples and wider society, science, private sector and decision-makers.

Best regards,
Ole Jakob
KEPLER Representative

Ole Jakob Hegelund
Rådgiver / Ice Advisor
Værvarslingsdivisjonen -
Forecasting Division

Office: A. 1.015
Phone: +47 917 623 69

Istjenesten - Norwegian Ice Service
Vervarslinga i Nord-Norge
Kirkegårdsvegen 60
N-9239 Tromsø

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